Building Bird Feeders and Garden Bird Feeder Accessories

Build a bird feeder, fill it with the seed they enjoy, and the birds will come to your backyard day after day. You could just throw handfuls of seed out onto the lawn. Some of the seed will be eaten by birds, some of it will mold and spoil, some of it may sprout in your grass, other seed may be eaten by squirrels, chipmunks, or other animals. In fact, my dog loves a good munch or two of sunflower hearts, suet or birdie cornbread.

Bird feeders keep the food dry and clean for the birds as well as keep it out of the reach of other animals.

Before you begin to build a bird feeder or two, think about the types of birds that live in your part of the world. You may have some birds that live there year-round while others may just come for the winter or the summer. The type of bird feeder you need to make varies based on the types of birds you wish to attract to your backyard.

2 Liter Soda Bottle Bird feeder

  1. Remove all the labels and stickers from the soda bottle.
  2. Wash and dry the bottle.
  3. The bottom of the bottle will be top of the feeder.
  4. Drill two small holes in the bottom of the bottle. Thread wire through one hole and out the other. Twist the ends of the wire together to make a loop for hanging the feeder. Use a small piece of duct tape or caulk to seal the holes so rain can not get into the feeder.
  5. Using a drill, make 5/16″ holes that are on opposite sides of the bottle. Insert 8″ – 9″ by 5/16″ dowels into the pairs of holes.
  6. Repeat the above step to make several more perches.
  7. If you want a thistle (niger) seed feeder, make 1/4″ by 1/8″ slots 1 ½” above the perches.
  8. If you want a sunflower seed feeder, make 5/15″ holes 1 ½” – 2″ above the perches.

Log Feeder for Suet

  • Cut a thick branch or a piece of a log that is around 18″ in length. The thickness of the branch or log can be from 3″ – 8″. Try to use one that is fairly straight.
  • Drill holes 1″ – 1½” in diameter all the way through the log. Suet will be packed in these holes
  • Perches are not necessary. If you wish to have perches, drill small holes just below the larger suet holes and insert small dowels into these holes, using wood glue to secure them.
  • Screw a large eye bolt into one end of the log.
  • Hang using sturdy rope or chain. Stuff the holes with meat suet or peanut butter suet.

Milk Carton Birdfeeder

  • Wash and dry a half gallon cardboard milk carton.
  • Using a ruler, measure and mark a line 2½” up from the bottom of the carton on two adjoining sides.
  • Using a ruler, measure and mark a line 2½” down from the top edge of the carton on two adjoining sides.
  • Cut the sides off between the marked lines on the two adjoining sides.
  • Using a small hole punch, make two small holes in the very top edge of the carton.
  • Put string through the holes.
  • Hang the feeder from a branch or post. Fill it with seed, suet or mealworms.
  • Watch the birds enjoy the feast!

Garden Bird Feeder Accessories

The garden accessories, flower seeds and vegetable seeds that are used and planted in your garden will reflect your needs, likes and creative side. Garden centers, nurseries and free seed catalogs will offer a wide variety of flower seeds, vegetable seeds and accessory choices to make your garden a place to enjoy for years to come.

There are a variety of different types of gardens you can plant to include butterfly gardens, edible gardens, herb gardens, container gardens, cutting gardens, flower and vegetable gardens, hanging baskets and window boxes each made different with the selection of flower seeds and vegetable seeds planted. Whatever the type of garden you plant can be made even more magical with the addition of bird feeders. Bird feeders found at nurseries, garden centers and free seed catalogs can include; metallic feeders, wooden feeders, glass feeders, poly resin feeders in a variety of designs to include animals and fairies, hummingbird feeders, post mount bird houses in a variety of sizes and designs, small pedestals to place bird houses and books to aid in your bird knowledge.

By adding a bird feeder to your garden of flower seeds and vegetable seeds you and your family can enjoy and invite a variety of lovely birds into your garden oasis.