Care of Philodendrons

Philodendrons, depending on their growing habits, are divided into two groups: climbers and non-climbers. Climbers are much more suited for the small living space while the non-climbers, which may reach a size of 8 feet, require a lot of space.

Growing Requirements

Light: Provide at least moderate light – but no direct sunlight.

Water: Keep constantly and evenly moist. Water thoroughly while keeping well drained. Allow top of soil to dry (about 2″ down” between waterings.

Fertilizer: Fertilize all year. You might decide to do this once every month during the fall and winter, low-light months and every two weeks during the rest of the year.

Temperature: Shoot for an average warmth of about 13-16 degrees Celsius (about 65-70 degree F.).

Maintenance: Keep plant to desired height and shape by frequent, light pruning. Clean the surface of the large leaves frequently. Make sure the plant is re-potted periodically as the roots grow as rapidly and the upper part of the plant. Repot in the winter or early spring when required.

Air quality: In heated rooms, keep some humidity in the air by frequent misting.

Problems: These plants will drop leaves periodically. Remove yellow leaves. Watch for mealy bugs and scale.