Coconut Garden Planters

Here’s a great way to decorate your home and garden. We’ve talked before about containers and hanging planters, and this is a beautiful, natural example. These coconut garden planters come from Hawaii, but I’m sure if you’re keen (and careful) you can create them yourself. The orchid is very popular, and a fun project.

These planters are about the size of footballs and are all natural coconuts. Every part of the nut is used, the meat is sun dried and pressed into oil, the cut out portion of the husk is shredded into plant medium and the shell is burned into charcoal. The nut has been designed and cut to hang (wire loop included) as you would hang a picture anywhere in your home, yard or greenhouse.

The nuts are virtually indestructible, and we have many nuts hanging around Hawaii and other parts of the planet that have weathered many a storm. This planter on the right is hanging on a fence in full sun and salt spray at the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii.

So have fun with your coconut. Plant something in it and hang it anywhere you want. Kitchen window with herbs or aloe vera. Bathroom with ferns and orchids. Silk and artificial plants for low maintenance. Cacti and bedding plants. Hang an empty nut by the backdoor for keys and coins.

Give a nut a good home and it will last as long as you do. I have planted nuts that are 15 years old. One of our very old ones has part of the nut is broken away with the Orchid roots holding it together.

Ferns and Orchids

To really make a nice display, plant fern through the front husk of the nut. Do this with a sharp serrated steak knife. Punch knife into husk and work it into the shell to create a hole to plug with ferns. The Orchid will grow up from the planter and the ferns will grow out of the front. Very pretty!

Planting tips to help establish your Orchid

I suggest carefully breaking up the inside bottom shell of the nut with a one inch chisel and pulling the loose pieces of shell away. Drill a small hole in the top of shell and wire a stake to it. Press stake into fiber inside of the bottom of the planter and secure the Orchid to it. Use your favorite medium and carefully fill your nut.