Easy to Grow Flowers and Seeds

Gardens all over the country inspire tranquility, beauty and enjoyment whether they be filled with flower seeds, wildflower seeds or vegetable seeds. A look at any of the free seed catalogs offered can however leave even the experienced garden feeling overwhelmed.

Gardening is a pastime that comes naturally for some and not so easily for others, of course it can take years to really get a feel for planting vegetable seeds, flowers, wildflower gardens, rock gardens, butterfly gardens and hanging baskets. There are however some seeds you will find in the free seed catalogs that are recommended as being “easy to grow” these flowers can include; blue flax, cardinal climbers, cleomes, coreopsis double sunbursts, cypress vines, gaillardias, lavateras, marigold bonanzas, mexican sunflowers, morning glories, shasta daisies, flower bulbs (tulips, crocuses, hyacinths, daffodils), shirley poppies, yarrow and zinnias to name a few.

Nasturtiums are one of the most carefree of summer flowers. They mound and tumble gracefully to hide bare spots, fill in corners, dress up window boxes, or cascade from patio pots. We have two lovely new nasturtiums for this spring season. The semidouble blossoms of ‘Copper Sunset’ positively glow like embers in a rich, coppery, flame red color. ‘Vanilla Berry’ nasturtiums have topsetting vanilla-colored blossoms, each one with a catspaw pattern in the center etched in a deep strawberry hue. The soft blossoms float above deep blue green lily-pad shaped leaves.

Easy to Grow Flower Seeds

A favorite pastime for people all over the country is planting flower seeds. Flower gardens are a wonderful way to add color and beauty to our homes, yards, parks, businesses and streets and can provide both relaxation and enjoyment for everyone.

Depending upon the size of your flower garden it usually doesn’t require much investment other than the seeds, some garden accessories and a good soil mix. Garden centers and nurseries from all over North America offer free seed catalogs to aid in your planning. My favorites include; annuals (aster, baby’s breath, marigold), perennials (daylily, foxgloves, coneflowers), plants for pots, antique flowers (open-pollinated flowers that originated more than fifty years ago), heirloom flowers (hard to find flowers passed on from generation to generation), vegetable seeds, flowering vines, cottage garden flowers (alyssum, amaranth, globe amaranth), hummingbird favorites (foxglove, hollyhock), butterfly favorites (alyssum, larkspur), bulbs (tulips, iris’) and edible flowers to name a few.

Gardening for many is a lifetime passion that only gets better as the years progress with the addition of more plants and garden accessories. Whether you enjoy flower gardening or planting vegetable seeds a garden can be appreciated by all who visit it.

Cards from Flower and Herb Seeds

Recently when visiting a market garden and craft display in the Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada, I came across a lady selling cards that she had made using flower seeds found in free seed catalogs. They were so novel and special that I of course purchased several. The cards were called “Greetings that Grow” – Country Garden Flowers.

Each card was made from handmade paper and was impregnated with flower seeds. The flower seeds that are used are those that grow quite readily when they are planted in a sunny area in your garden under a light layer of soil. These include marigolds, bachelor buttons, cosmos, zinnias and calendulas to mention a few of the other types.

The “easy to grow” seeds you find in your free seed catalogs are usually quite easy to plant from seed, good at withstanding summer heat, resist drought and are long lasting. Knowing that there are “easy to grow” varieties available allows even the newest of gardeners a chance to grow a splendid creation.