Garden Lighting

Gardens can be a very enjoyable place in day light and in the evening and night time. Modern garden lighting allows gardeners many options to bring the right light into their garden after Mother Nature has set her sun for the day. Flood lights placed high in the garden will shine brightness at any time of the day or night you may need it. You can make it as bright as you need with the right amount of flood lights.

This may not be the garden lighting plan we all choose though and there are plenty of option available for different moods and themes. Carefully placed lighting can make a garden a magical place after the sky has darkened. A good garden supply store can help you with all of the ideas and supplies you may need.

You may still want to keep the lighting in your garden up high but not as harsh as flood lights. A popular option is tiny little white lights in the trees. These cast a very gentle light on your garden and bring a fairy-like romance to the garden. It can change the mood totally from the day time look of the same garden. The combined tiny little lights add just enough light to bring out the colors in the blooms hidden in the shadows.

You can also use lower pot type garden lighting imbedded in the ground. Or you may want to consider pole lights for your garden lighting. You can find a combination of all of these types for your garden. Low lights can lead you down a walk way to the fairy land created by the tree lighting. All you need is imagination!