How to Build an In-Ground or Below Ground Pond

Any home owner can enjoy the beauty, the tranquility and the excitement of a pond. Flexible pond liners allow you to free form your pond in any desired shape and size. Available in EPDM rubber (73 and 45 mil) and PVC (32 mil), there is a Tetra Pond liner to suit every landscaping need and budget. Following these simple instructions, a pond can be installed easily and successfully.

1. Select a location on your property where the ground is fairly even and the pond will get a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day. It is best not to place the pond directly under trees, since falling leaves can foul the water and the tree roots will make digging difficult. Free form your pond in any design you choose, using a heavy garden hose or a heavy rope to lay out your design.

2. Using a level, dig two or three tiers in your pond. Fish benefit from both a shallow area (for feeding on insects) and a deep area (for security). The tiers can be used to place plants such a lilies. Depending on the climate, your pond at the deep area should be anywhere from 24″ to 40″. The shallow area can be 4″ to 12″. Dig on 90-degree angles to eliminate sloping. Sloping will cause the liner to sag, spoiling the pond interior.

3. Unless using an EPDM Ulti-Liner, line the excavation with a Trevira Spunbond Underliner, which will help protect your liner from punctures caused by roots and rocks. Other materials such as sand, carpet padding, and newspaper can be used, but they will not provide the same degree of protection.

4. Place your liner loosely over the pond, holding it in place with bricks or other heavy objects. Fill the pond with water. Your liner will conform to the design of the pond as it is weighted by water.

5. To create a professional look, build a rock border around your pond, allowing the rocks to overlap the water by 1″ to 2″. The excess liner can be tucked under the border or trimmed. Be sure to allow excess if you trim, since your pond will settle.

6. Install filtration and if desired, a submersible pump for a fountain or waterfall. Treat your pond water with AquaSafe Pond Formula. Add plants, wait several days, then add a few fish. Add the balance of your fish gradually over a 60 day period. This will ensure that your pond and filter are biologically ready to support aquatic life. Feed your fish Tetra Pond food daily. They are best fed in the morning, and only the amount they can consume in a few minutes.