How to Make a Pathetic Christmas Tree Look Great

Here’s How:

  • Don’t cut the top out of a patriarch conifer. It may look great from the ground, but when it’s cut won’t be suitable to stand on its own once the lower branches are trimmed back to fit a stand.
  • Collect and save any trimmings of the lower branches and any other branches from the forest, even those without leaves; you’ll need them later. Gather a few cones as well.
  • Once in a stand and water is added, turn the worst side of your pathetic tree to the wall.
  • Now define the areas that have gaping holes. Use florists wire to secure the saved conifer branches within the gaping holes.
  • Place bare branches from the forest in select areas to give balance to the tree. They can be used as is, or sprayed with glue or cement and covered with glitter to match your holiday color scheme.
  • Use dried flowers to fill gaps; select those with longish stems so that they can be well hidden within the branches. Got a huge hole? Stuff it with loads of dried flowers!
  • Consider silk flowers and foliage to fill gaps. Use florists wire to secure cones to the branches. Integrate ribbon to match your color scheme.
  • Don’t use ornaments that you hate. Instead, toss them into a glass bowl over the mantle, or allow them to spill out of a decorative box in another room. Consider taking them to the office.
  • Is your Christmas tree still AWFUL? If so, remove all of the above and try the Charlie Brown method: Place a lone, red ball ornament at the tip of one if its pathetic branches, and call it ART.