Right Tools for Your Gardening Chores

We all want to make our gardening chores easier. The right garden tools go a long way to making this a reality. Here’s a list of items that are recommended for your garden project.

The first item should be a spade, a square ended shovel, that you will find invaluable in cutting out your flower and rose bed, particularly if you are doing it in a grassed-over area. The spade makes nice clean edges and is of real value in lifting out sod from your plot.

You will need a shovel, with a somewhat pointed end to help in the digging and mixing of the soil in your new bed. Invaluable for mixing new top soil with compost and peat moss.

A comb-rake is also handy for evening out the soil in your bed and removing and breaking up any larger clots of earth that you may find in your mixture.

A sturdy hand trowel is something you will find convenient for the actual planting process for your roses. It’s also handy for the removal of winter protection soil from around your roses.

A garden fork will be needed for turning over the soil in your bed and will certainly help in distributing any new soil you may be adding to your new bed.

If you are planning to bring in a large quantity of new soil for your garden, a wheelbarrow will be something you will need. Even the job of moving bales of peat moss to the new site will be easier with this piece of equipment.

Of course you will need a hose and possibly a soaker hose to look after the watering of your roses. Again, buy quality. A cheap hose will not likely last through the first season of use, due to cracking.

The most important item in the rose growers arsenal is secateurs… small hand clippers. Don’t skimp here. Make certain they are made of good quality tempered steel. You will find that these will be in use almost daily in your rose garden, from spring planting to fall coverup time.

Like all your tools, keep them clean and wiped down after use with an oily cloth to prevent rust. Most important… keep your secateurs sharp with a small hand stone.  A larger flat file will keep the edges of your shovel and spade free of nicks from stones and roots.

One final item of importance to a rose grower is sturdy garden gloves. My preference is for leather, which protect your hands from the ever- present thorns of your bushes.

All of these items should make your gardening chores more enjoyable.

There are Garden Tools for Every Job

Gardening can be a pastime that is enjoyed by both young and old alike offering families a chance to enjoy quality time together. The whole family can participate in selecting garden accessories, flower seeds and vegetable seeds from free seed catalogs, garden centers and nurseries.

To get the kids involved in the garden you might try including a garden theme to the flower seeds and vegetable seeds you plant. Consider themes such as tea time (chamomile, peppermint, lemon balm), fairy lure (flower seeds with hanging bells, cup like flowers and mosses) and alphabet garden (flower seeds from asters to zinnias). Whatever sort of garden you and your family plant you will want to have the right garden tools to do the job properly. Important garden tools you should own include; pruners, garden shears, spading fork, hoe, watering can (long nozzles are preferable), round-ended shovel, bow rake, garden hose, sprinklers, aerator and spade.

Just as you will add to the vegetable seeds and flower seeds you plant each year, you can also add to your assortment of garden tools needed. It is however wise to select good quality tools from free seed catalogs and nurseries because when properly maintained your tools should last for many years.