Rose: Pompon Blanc Parfait

‘Pompon Blanc Parfait’ has smaller flowers than most other alba roses, its tight pink tinted buds opening into frilly 2 inch off-white globes. The petals are delicately folded around a central button eye, and there is often a tiny green pointel to be seen as well. The flowers come in open clusters held upright along the gently arching canes.

While most of the alba roses top 6 or 7 feet in our garden, ‘Pompon Blanc Parfait’ remains a bit more compact. Over time it builds into a graceful vase-shaped plant, perhaps 5 feet tall and 4 across. The canes are green and only slightly thorny, with typical deep blue-green alba rose foliage. Like many of the alba roses ‘Pompon Blanc Parfait’ seems content to grow and flower in light dappled shade, though it will certainly perform its best only in full sun. If you are eager for the disease resistance, hardiness, foliage effect and fragrance of the alba roses, but do not have the room to spare for the larger members of the class, ‘Pompon Blanc Parfait’ may hold special appeal. Hardy to USDA Zone 4.