Sowing Lettuce Seeds

Selecting the right vegetable seeds and flower seeds from free seed catalogs, nurseries and garden centers is only the first step in planning a garden. Planting a successful garden will require selecting the right vegetable and flower seeds, owning the right garden accessories, having good soil, lots of sunlight and regular watering and maintenance.

Of course having the right garden accessories, vegetable and flower seeds are a good start to starting your garden but there are several other steps to learn such as starting seedlings, hardening off the seedlings, transplanting and maintaining. One of the easiest seeds to plant is that of lettuce seeds.

The following steps can be used to successfully sow lettuce and include; sowing lettuce seeds directly outdoors is the most popular choice for growing summer lettuce crops (thoroughly read your package for detailed directions); usually sow in a quarter to half inch depth of soil with rows one foot apart; thin seedlings to six inch to twelve inch spacing depending on the variety of lettuce; water soil thoroughly before transplanting and again once row is thinned.

To ensure your lettuce seeds are not eaten by birds you will want to use garden accessories such as netting’s or cotton to protect sown areas. Once your summer lettuce is planted it requires little maintenance.