Starting a Vegetable Garden

Whether you have been gardening for years or are new to gardening there are sure to be a wide variety of vegetable seeds, fruit seeds and flowers seeds to be found in free seed catalogs, nurseries and garden centers for you to enjoy.

As any gardener knows it takes a bit more than having the right vegetable, fruit and flower seeds found in free seed catalogs along with the proper garden accessories to make a garden work. When considering any vegetable or flower seeds garden you will want to properly plan out your garden beforehand to ensure success.

The following are some tips to planning your garden and include; draw up a plan (to scale) of your garden spot, allowing for paths and borders; make a list of your seeds likes and dislikes; mark out a definite space or number of rows; select early, mid-season and late varieties of vegetables seeds giving you a constant harvest of produce and flowers; do some research beforehand to place them in best spots (some vegetables and flowers like shade, companion planting etc.).

Of course you’ll want to thoroughly read the package to determine proper spacing of plants and rows. Usually you are safe with twenty inches between rows, except for tall peas, tomatoes and corn which should be staked two to two and a half feet apart.

Start with High Quality Vegetables Seeds

Any good vegetable garden needs to start with high quality vegetable seeds or you will not be making the best use of your time in the garden. A garden takes weeding and watering and cultivation to encourage growth from even the best seeds. Vegetable gardening will show a much higher yield if the vegetables seeds have a proven record of germination and high production from the plants. Or in some cases like potatoes you, you hope for less production of the plant and more in the seeds they are growing under the ground.

Depending on the type of plant, the whole goal in vegetable gardening is to produce as much as possible per plant or as large as possible vegetables. Many gardeners keep their own statistics on yields and weights and the plant seeds only from plants that have shown success in past years.

Vegetable seeds can be purchased from companies that spend years developing the finest seeds available. They produce catalogs that detail the seeds they offer and the differences in varieties. They will offer growing tips and help you in any way they can to produce high yield crops from their seeds. They share in the pride of prize winning vegetable germinating from their seeds or families happily enjoying fresh produce as a result of purchasing seeds from them.

You may hear the argument that purchasing vegetable seeds is just a small part of the expense involved in gardening. You may be told that you will never be able to produce cheaper vegetables than you can buy. That may be very true but it is beside the point. Vegetable gardening is not about saving money for most people. It is about relaxing and eating fresh off the vine.

A Vegetable Garden Provides Solitude and Peace

A vegetable garden can be the perfect place to find solitude and peace while you till the soil and nurture your crop. There is also a great feeling of satisfaction to be gain watching the seeds you have dropped in your nice straight rows pop their heads out of the ground. First it is just like a green mist in the soil and before you know it you can recognize small stems and leaves opening. In a veggie garden most often the gardener will keep all of the like plants together. Flower gardens can be a bit more intermingled. It is most common for a vegetable gardener to lay out perfectly straight rows where they will plant their seeds or seedling plants.

Many people keep a garden because it allows them to control the foods they eat. They know what chemicals have been added or sprayed on their vegetables and they can keep it as natural as they desire. Natural gardeners will claim that they are able to control any pest or weed they may have in their garden without the use of chemicals. They find it offensive to spay poisons on the foods they plan on eating and would never buy produce for that reason. They would not know how it has been treated before they bring it home.

I have a friend who is an elementary school teacher. She started a gardening club several years ago and has shown many children the art of planting, caring for and harvesting their own garden. Her children look forward to spring each year and take turns during the summer vacation to look after it. Notice their hand painted signs on each row.

You may not find a vegetable garden to be cost effective compared to the produce you could purchase in a store. It certainly isn’t a hobby you can do quickly and can be very time consuming. It is though a very relaxing way to spend your free time and will produce tasty rewards for your efforts.