Things to Consider When Constructing a Hoop Greenhouse

Building of a hoop greenhouse varies in methods depending on the materials used, size of the intended structure and budget. In some constructions, the use of bended steel poles for the framework are preferred. In others, PVC pipes are favored as it is readily available in almost any construction suppliers and plumbing sections of home improvement stores.

When considering a hoop greenhouse, indoor greenhouse or cold frame, a layout plan is needed before the purchase of materials. This will ensure that no supplies are wasted during the construction of the structure. There are many simple designs available in library books and there are even do-it-yourself instructions in the internet. Many include details on the building of the greenhouse and even list of material requirements. Construction layouts are also available which can be printed and brought along when buying materials.

When opting to do the project, constructing a wooden frame might well be the first step. This will be where the steel poles of PVC pipes will be attached using screws and steel bands. Screen materials can then be attached around the frame. While this is applicable for most hoop greenhouse sizes, small-sized greenhouses may be moved around without disassembling the entire structure.

For those who want a hoop greenhouse without undergoing the hassle of putting it up, kits are available in most gardening and farming stores. These can be easily assembled and can be used in no time. A greenhouse size of 10 feet in length, six feet wide, and six feet in height is available at around $150, including LED grow lights in the cost. In such kits, the polypropylene cover comes with zippered vents to avoid too much heating in plants. This kind of structure can also be used in some other ways rather than just being a greenhouse. It can be used as a simple screened patio or shelter equipments from the weather.