Upside Down Christmas Trees Can and Do Look Beautiful

The tradition of the upside down Christmas tree dates back to twelfth century Europe when the combination of Christianity and paganism saw people hanging their Christmas trees upside-down! In these times, people celebrated Christmas by hanging an evergreen tree upside down as the three points represented the Holy Trinity and the tree branches and leaves were considered the way to ward off spirits entering a home. These days, the tradition is more suitable for reasons of space saving and convenience and can be found in a range of colours, sizes and designs and some even come with lights already attached.

The upside down Christmas tree is, basically, your standard Christmas tree, inverted. Hanging it in this way is a unique and fun way to save space, enjoy all the tinsel and baubles of the tree without the hassle of worrying about pets or toddlers playing with them, and provides a great talking point of your home.

Decorating your upside down Christmas tree
1.Place your tree where it will be the focus of the room & opt for tasteful decorations.
2. Use many different decorations that guests will be able to comment on. Think about decorating the tree with a particular theme or colour scheme in mind.
3. Consider painting the ceiling of the room the tree is in a bright colour to add to the festive nature of the room.

The christmas-tree-shop is a great place to start when thinking about your tree and the decorations. All manner of decorations can be found like glass baubles, tinsel, lights and candy-canes. The right kind of tree will also be able to be found here with knowledgeable sales people to assist with any questions rather if you purchased via the internet. Traditional decorations such as candle clips and hand-made angels should also be easily found in a Christmas-tree shop which are otherwise very difficult to find.