Various Ways on How to Dry Chilli Peppers

Preserving the peppers will save them from going to waste and will be the source of enhancing the cuisine that needs any spices to make it taste even better. Incorporating the peppers in the food will give it an exciting taste that is why throwing away the extra peppers is a sorry thing to do. So, can you make use of the peppers in the most useful way? This is simple. Just dry them using the method that will be convenient for you.

How to dry chilli peppers? There are a lot of methods that you can try. Just be sure you are doing the right thing to make the drying complete and successful. You can go from the traditional drying to the modern way like with the use of the dehydrator machine. There is also another method that you can use that will cost you no penny at all. It is through using the natural heat from the sun. So easy and entails no money to spend to do the drying. In this article, this will discuss the methods of oven drying and drying the peppers by hanging them.

The oven drying is done with the use of the right temperature set on the oven. You can test the temperature with the use of the thermometer. There are sources that will advise preheating the oven and to set it at a temperature of 100 to 135 degrees and some say to set it at 150 to 200 degrees. But what is important here is that the peppers will have the dried effect it is intended to have. You can cut the peppers into half or you can cut them into rings. After this has been done, lay the chilli peppers on the baking sheets. With the warmth inside the oven you can dry them overtime.

Another way on how to dry chilli peppers is to hang dry them. Choose a part in the home that has the best ventilation to allow air to get the drying done. Just prepare a thread to hang them. Start with threading the needle with a thread long enough to hang all the peppers on hand. To keep the pepper at the bottom stay on its place and to prevent making it fall, tie a knot at the other end of the thread. When you thread, always remember to thread at the center of the pepper in alternating position. After you have thread all the peppers, hang them in the chosen room and wait for three weeks to a month for the drying of peppers to complete.

Chillies are used all over the world and drying them is a known practice, too. Methods on how to dry chilli peppers had been passed on from one generation to the next that is why drying the peppers have been considered as the best way to preserve them. There are also other ways to do such thing aside from drying the peppers. You can also freeze, pickle, roast, can and soak the chilli peppers in olive oil to store and preserve them at their best.